Friday, 18 June 2010

no more football related posts... ever.

numbers from the people

Umbro's 'Tailored in England': Instead of spending millions on a campaign showing David Beckham shooting an Ewok (or something) why not show the glory of Beckton, Bow, Wortley or Wallsend. You can kinda see why England's best players have come from these places... Basically there was fuck all else to do but play football in the car park or down the recky.

Good luck lads for tonight. I'm hoping for a semi-final, at least.

Umbro's campaign also reminds me of Lee Friedlander's excellent 'Letters from the People'. A symphony of unbound phonemes.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


I've been working in a library which has the rare luxury of too much space. The result is that endless volumes of journals sit on the shelves instead of being hidden away in the stack below.
Presumably many of these will never be read again.
So this is my elegy for all these hours of study.

(C) David Foster 2010