Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sandy at Ilfracombe

Ian Brimble, Actor, Stroke Sufferer

Ian Brimble was a actor who appeared in a number of TV dramas when in December 2005 he suffered a Stroke while shopping in London. The stroke was treated in the National hospital in Bloomsbury, London, where Ian spent two weeks in intensive care and a month in a wheelchair.

The stroke has left him with chronic disability in his left hand and Aphasia; a loss of speech and short term memory. Ian doesn't feel he can return to acting but thanks to Interact Reading Service, Ian now reads to stroke sufferers in the hospital where he was treated.

Interact Reading Service are a charity founded on the belief that a key aspect in the well being and recovery of stroke patients is mental stimulation. To achieve this Interact send professional actors into hospitals across London to read to Stroke sufferers. To find out more about their work follow the link below.
Photo taken by David Foster in The Royal National Hospital - April 2008

Sunday, 4 May 2008

dream landscapes

if you go into that cloakroom,
are we ready to start?

International bastard!

Sitting at the carnival, knowing its got to matter
Will this happen? Blatantly not.

throws washing powder over his shoulder
hits a glass and spilts across the kitchen top.
Scouse boys

platform above
the foyer waiting by coaches
a place in the sun
with the family
view of montserrat
I'm on duty.

real & present evidence
there's something going on
surrounded by wooden TV sets
opportunity gateway
start, a wake.


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