Monday, 1 September 2008

The Other Day

Richard Prince - The Other Day 1988-99
(c) Richard Prince

From Continuation - The Work of Richard Prince
The Serpentine Gallery, London
26 June - 9th September 2008

The text reads :
'A girl phoned me the other day and said come on over nobody's home. I went over. Nobody was home.'

Other exhibitions visited through the summer:

- Chantal Ackerman / Anya Gallaccio - Camden Arts Centre - til 14th Sept

- Street & Studio - Tate Modern - A bit scrappy!

Had some images and texts by Laurie Anderson. She used cat calling in NY to dictate the people she would photo. Interesting approach to chance operations, with a sense of risk. The project also realised the camera as a tool to turn the tables - make the victimizer into a victim. hmmm.

- Victor Alimpiev - Modern Art Oxford -

Summer Lightenings (2004), Whose is this exhalation? (2008) The titles say it all. I'm going to put up some pictures from this. It was utterly beautiful.

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